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FY 2020 LSOHC Funding Requests Received

The funding requests below will be considered by the council for recommendation to the 2019 legislature. The council received 45 requests totaling over $264 million.

Subd/Proposal Title Project Manager Organization Requested Amount

Prairie Acquisition
P A 01 DNR WMA and SNA Acquisition - Phase XI Jay Johnson MN DNR $5,050,400
P A 02 Accelerating the Wildlife Management Area Program - Phase XI Steven Burdick Pheasants Forever, Inc. $14,110,500
P A 03 MN Prairie Recovery Project - Phase IX Neal Feeken The Nature Conservancy $9,004,300
P A 04 Northern Tallgrass Prairie National Wildlife Refuge - Phase X Richard Johnson The Nature Conservancy $6,610,000
P A 05 Lower Wild Rice Corridor Habitat Restoration - Phase II Kevin Ruud Wild Rice Watershed District $5,008,300
P A 06 Martin County DNR WMA Acquisition - Phase III Doug Hartke Fox Lake Conservation League, Inc. $8,641,800
P A 07 RIM Grassland Reserve John Voz BWSR $4,370,000
P A 08 Prairie Chicken Habitat Partnership of the Southern Red River Valley - Phase V Steven Burdick MN Prairie Chicken Society / Pheasants Forever, Inc. $9,576,700

Prairie Restore / Enhance
P RE 01 DNR Grasslands - Phase XI Greg Hoch MN DNR $18,035,000
P RE 02 Anoka Sand Plain Habitat Conservation - Phase VI Wiley Buck Great River Greening $5,181,000
P RE 03 Fairmont Chain of Lakes Habitat Restoration Plan - Phase I Troy Nemmers City of Fairmont $1,390,000

Forest Acquisition
F A 01 Protecting Strategic Forestlands Near Camp Ripley Emilee Nelson The Conservation Fund $5,933,000
F A 02 Southeast Minnesota Protection and Restoration - Phase VII Richard Biske The Nature Conservancy $13,081,600
F A 03 Minnesota Forests for the Future - Phase VII Angela Yuska MN DNR Forestry $10,000,000

Forest Restore / Enhance
F RE 01 Floodplain Forest Enhancement - Mississippi River - Phase III Andrew Beebe Audubon Minnesota $4,505,000
F RE 02 Enhanced Public Land - Open Landscapes Alex Nelson Minnesota Sharp-Tailed Grouse Society/Pheasants Forever, Inc. $1,968,900
F RE 03 Minnesota Forest Recovery Project - Phase I Jim Manolis The Nature Conservancy $2,996,400

Wetland Acquisition
W A 01 Accelerating the Waterfowl Production Area Program - Phase XI Eran Sandquist Pheasants Forever, Inc. $14,023,400
W A 02 Shallow Lake & Wetland Protection Program - Phase VIII Jon Schneider Ducks Unlimited $13,500,000
W A 03 Wetland Habitat Protection and Restoration Program - Phase IV Wayne Ostlie Minnesota Land Trust $5,235,000
W A 04 Wild Rice Shoreland Protection - Phase VI Dan Steward BWSR $1,750,000

Wetland Restore / Enhance
W RE 01 Shallow Lakes and Wetland Enhancement - Phase XI Ricky Lien MN DNR $6,223,000
W RE 02 Marsh Lake - Phase III Ricky Lien MN DNR $1,300,000
W RE 03 Restoration of Non-Native Cattail Dominated Wetlands in Border Waters Bryce Olson Voyageurs National Park $1,973,400
W RE 04 Big Rice Lake Wild Rice Enhancement Ricky Lien MN DNR $1,192,000

Habitat Acquisition
H A 01 St. Croix Watershed Habitat Protection and Restoration - Phase I Monica Zachay St. Croix River Association $8,652,400
H A 02 Metro Big Rivers - Phase IX Deborah Loon MN Valley Trust $6,883,400
H A 03 Dakota County Habitat Protection/Restoration - Phase VII Lisa West Dakota County $4,200,000
H A 04 Fisheries Habitat Protection on Strategic North Central Minnesota Lakes - Phase V Wayne Ostlie Minnesota Land Trust $6,788,000
H A 05 Sauk River Watershed Habitat Protection and Restoration Scott Henderson Sauk River Watershed District $5,416,000

Habitat Restore / Enhance
H RE 01 Minnesota Trout Unlimited Coldwater Fish Habitat Enhancement - Phase XI John Lenczewski Minnesota Trout Unlimited $3,750,000
H RE 02 DNR Aquatic Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Brian Nerbonne MN DNR $8,586,200
H RE 03 St. Louis River Restoration Initiative - Phase VI Melissa Sjolund MN DNR $8,800,000
H RE 04 Knife River Habitat Rehabilitation - Phase IV Tony Cuneo and Kevin J.Bovee Zeitgeist (ZG) and Lake Superior Steelhead Association (LSSA) $2,400,000
H RE 05 Shell Rock River Watershed Restoration Program - Phase VIII Courtney Christensen Shell Rock River Watershed District $3,887,100
H RE 06 Pine River Fish Passage Project 2020 Beth Hippert Crow Wing SWCD $1,246,000
H RE 07 Sauk River Dam Fish Passage Greg Berg Streans SWCD $3,505,600
H RE 08 Restoration of Norway Brook connectivity to the Pine River by removal of Norway Lake Dam and replacement with rock-arch rapids Mike Hansen City of Pine River $2,356,000
H RE 09 Cedar River Habitat Restoration Justin Hanson Cedar River Watershed District $1,320,000
H RE 10 Pig's Eye Lake Islands Habitat Restoration and Enhancement Scott Yonke Ramsey County Parks and Recreation $4,337,200
H RE 11 Protecting Aquatic Habitats Through Watercraft Cleaning Technology and Community Outreach Dane Huinker Wildlife Forever $7,969,100
H RE 12 Restoring the Upper Mississippi River at Lake Pepin - Phase I Rylee Main Lake Pepin Legacy Alliance $750,000

CPL Conservation Partners Legacy Grant Program: Statewide and Metro Habitat - Phase XI Jessica Lee MN DNR $12,550,000
O 1 Contract Management 2019 Katherine Sherman-Hoehn MN DNR $210,000
O 2 Restoration Evaluations Wade Johnson MN DNR $150,000