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FY 2015 LSOHC Call for Funding Request

FY 2015 LSOHC Call for Funding Request

The FY 2015 Call for Funding Request was issued on April 9, 2013. The deadline for submissions was June 13, 2013. The council received 56 proposals totaling over $269 million.

FY 2015 Outdoor Heritage Council recommendations were addressed during the 2014 legislative process. The most recent information appears at the top of the page.

2014 Session Information

H.F. 1926

S.F. 2098

Conference Committee Report on HF 1926 (Chapter 256)

ML 2014 / FY 2015 Recommendations Bill Summary

DRAFT Accomplishment Plans - detailed information on each funding recommendation

Allocation Information

Subsequent Funding Recommendation - results of December 12, 2013 Council meeting

Allocation Motions

Funding Recommendation Spreadsheet - showing member motions to amend the Chair's proposal at September 20, 2013 Council meeting

Funding Recommendation List - results of September 20, 2013 Council meeting

Individual Council Member Allocations (2 pages legal size)

Summary of Allocations

Summary of Member Comments

Member Evaluation

Summary of Individual Member Evaluation Totals in project order

Summary of Member Evaluation - Color Scale

Summary of Member Comments on Requests

Individual Member Evaluation Sheets (37 pages-legal size)

Completed Member Conflict of Interest Forms

Proposal Information

Funding Requests Received

2013 Adopted Council Schedule for 2014 Legislative Session Recommendations

FY2015 Call for Funding Request - Deadline: June 13, 2013