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LSOHC Program Manger Info

Program Manager Information & Resources

Required reporting forms and other information for managing appropriations received from the Outdoor Heritage Fund.

Online Program Management System

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Definition of Budget Terms

DNR Pass-through Grants Website

Rare Species Guide

Suggestions to Better Photos/Videos of OHF Projects

Required Reporting

Status Updates - due February 1 (reporting for July 1 - Dec 31) and August 1 (reporting for Jan 1 - June 30)

Initial Land Reporting Forms - due within 60 days from completion of activity on parcel

Annual Real Property Interest Report - due December 1 each year for fee title and easement acquisition parcels

Easement Monitoring and Enforcement Requirements / Annual Easement Stewardship Fund Reports - due annually for applicable programs

Accomplishment Plan Amendments - complete as needed

Final Reports - typically due November 1 (4 months from appropriation availability end date)


Extensions, Personnel and DSS Budgets Memo

Accomplishment Plan Leverage Reporting Memo

Retroactive Amendments

Amendments in the last 6 months of Availability

Extension of Time Guidelines

Partnership Guidelines

Restoration and Management Plan Guidelines

Notice of Funding Restrictions Guidelines

Acquiring Land with Existing Protection

MCC Notification Memo

Multiple Partners Final Reporting and Payment Guidelines

Minor Land Conveyances and Conversions

Acknowledgement & Signage

Communication / Outreach Template

Media Guide

Acknowledgement Guidelines - Requirements of 97A.056

Legacy Logo Guidelines and Downloads

Purchase a Legacy Sign