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FY 2023 LSOHC Draft Accomplishment Plans

At the October 7, 2021 council meeting, members recommended funding for 46 programs totaling $139,244,000. Below, managers have completed DRAFT accomplishment plans for their programs reflecting the recommended amounts. These plans have not been approved by the council, nor have the recommended amounts been appropriated by the legislature.

Subd/Proposal Title Project Manager Organization Recommended Amount

Prairie Acquisition
2a/PA01 Accelerating the Wildlife Management Area Program - Phase XIV Eran Sandquist Pheasants Forever, Inc. $5,520,000
2b/PA02 RIM Grasslands Reserve Phase IV John Voz BWSR $4,424,000
2c/PA03 Prairie Chicken Habitat Partnership of the Southern Red River Valley - Phase VIII Sabin Adams MN Prairie Chicken Society / Pheasants Forever, Inc. $4,330,000
2d/PA04 MN Prairie Recovery Program Phase 12 Neal Feeken The Nature Conservancy $4,400,000
2e/PA05 Enhanced Public Land - Open Landscapes - Phase II Sabin Adams Minnesota Sharp-Tailed Grouse Society/Pheasants Forever, Inc. $2,494,000
2f/PA06 RIM Buffers for Wildlife and Water - Phase X Dusty Van Thuyne BWSR $4,283,000
2g/PA07 Northern Tallgrass Prairie National Wildlife Refuge, Phase XIII Ruth Thornton The Nature Conservancy $3,774,000
2h/PA08 Martin County DNR WMA Phase 6 Doug Hartke Fox Lake Conservation League, Inc. $1,929,000

Prairie Restore / Enhance
2i/PRE01 DNR Grassland Enhancement - Phase 14 Greg Hoch MN DNR $3,012,000

Forest Acquisition
3a/FA02 Minnesota Forest Recovery Project: Phase II Jim Manolis The Nature Conservancy $4,471,000
3b/FA03 2022 Camp Ripley Sentinel Landscape ACUB Phase X Shannon Wettstein Morrison SWCD $2,909,000
3c/FA04 Minnesota Forests for the Future Phase IX Christine Ostern MN DNR $2,439,000
3d/FA05 Big Woods Protection at Stieg Woods Michael Bauer City of Rogers $995,000

Forest Restore / Enhance
3e/FRE01 DNR Forest Enhancement Phase 2 Greg Hoch MN DNR $2,118,000

Wetland Acquisition
4a/WA01 Accelerating the Waterfowl Production Area Program - Phase XIV Eran Sandquist Pheasants Forever, Inc. $5,400,000
4b/WA02 Wetland Habitat Protection and Restoration Program - Phase 7 Wayne Ostlie Minnesota Land Trust $3,248,000
4c/WA03 Wild Rice Shoreland Protection - Phase VIII Bill Penning BWSR $1,434,000
4d/WA04 Shallow Lake & Wetland Protection & Restoration Program - Phase XI Jon Schneider Ducks Unlimited $4,660,000
4e/WA05 RIM Wetlands - Restoring the most productive habitat in Minnesota's Prairie Pothole Region John Voz BWSR $4,095,000

Wetland Restore / Enhance
4f/WRE01 Living Shallow Lake Enhancement & Wetland Restoration Initiative - Phase VIII Jon Schneider Ducks Unlimited $5,027,000
4d/WRE02 DNR Accelerated Shallow Lakes and Wetland Enhancements Phase 14 Ricky Lien MN DNR $2,244,000

Habitat Acquisition
5a/HA02 Dakota County Habitat Protection/Restoration Phase VIII Lisa West Dakota County $5,915,000
5b/HA03 Integrating Habitat and Clean Water Bill Penning BWSR $2,300,000
5c/HA04 Protecting Coldwater Fisheries on Minnesota's North Shore - Phase 2 Wayne Ostlie Minnesota Land Trust $3,311,000
5d/HA05 Southeast Minnesota Protection and Restoration Phase 10 Robert McGillivray The Trust for Public Land $5,225,000
5e/HA06 Mississippi Headwaters Habitat Corridor Project Phase 7 Tim Terrill Mississippi Headwaters Board $5,329,000
5f/HA07 Shell Rock River Watershed Habitat Restoration Program - Phase XI Courtney Phillips Shell Rock River Watershed District $1,403,000
5g/HA08 DNR WMA and SNA Acquisition, Ph. 14 Rick Walsh MN DNR $1,391,000
5h/HA09 Cannon River Watershed Habitat Protection and Restoration Program - Phase 11 Kristi Pursell Clean River Partners (formerly Cannon River Watershed Partnership) $2,571,000
5i/HA10 Washington County Habitat Protection and Restoration Partnership June Mathiowetz Washington County $4,182,000
5j/HA11 2022 Metro Big Rivers Phase 12 Deborah Loon MN Valley Trust (Metro Big Rivers) $7,996,000
5k/HA12 St. Croix Watershed Habitat Protection and Restoration Phase 3 Monica Zachay St. Croix River Association $3,612,000
5l/HA13 Fisheries Habitat Protection on Strategic North Central Minnesota Lakes - Phase VIII Annie Knight Northern Waters Land Trust $4,424,000
5m/HA14 Sauk River Watershed Habitat Protection & Restoration, Phase 4 Sarah Boser Sauk River Watershed District $3,990,000

Habitat Restore / Enhance
5n/HRE02 DNR Aquatic Habitat Restoration and Enhancement - Phase 5 Jamison Wendel MN DNR $5,049,000
5o/HRE03 Klondike Clean Water Retention Project part 2 Dan Money Two Rivers Watershed District $964,000
5p/HRE04 Buffalo River Watershed Stream Habitat Program - Phase 2 Kristine Altrichter Buffalo-Red River Watershed District $2,348,000
5g/HRE05 DNR St. Louis River Restoration Initiative Ph. 9 Melissa Sjolund MN DNR $4,794,000
5r/HRE07 DNR Fish Passage Enhancement through Targeted Culvert Replacement - Phase 1 Jamison Wendel MN DNR $831,000
5s/HRE08 Restoring and Enhancing Minnesota's Important Bird Areas, Phase 3 Alexandra Wardwell Audubon Minnesota $2,087,000
5t/HRE10 Enhancing Metro and North Shore Trout Stream Habitats John Lenczewski Minnesota Trout Unlimited $1,130,000
5u/HRE11 Daylighting Phalen Creek Samuel Wegner Lower Phalen Creek Project $3,230,000

6b/O1 Restoration Evaluations - ML 2022 Wade Johnson MN DNR $200,000
6a/O2 Contract Management 2022 Katherine Sherman-Hoehn MN DNR $300,000
5v/CPL Conservation Partners Legacy Grant Program Ph. 14: Statewide and Metro Habitat Kathy Varble MN DNR $9,450,000
6c/IDP DNR IDP Coordinator Jamie Gangaware MN DNR $123,000