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FY 2014 LSOHC Draft Accomplishment Plans

At the September 21, 2012 council meeting, members recommended funding for 32 programs totalling $92 million. Managers completed the below draft accomplishment plans for their programs reflecting the recommended amounts.

FY 2014 Final Appropriation Language and Accomplishment Plans

Subd Title Project Manager Organization Recommended Amount

Subd. 2 Prairies
2(a)/P A 01 Grasslands for the Future Tim Koehler MN BWSR $2,000,000
2(b)/P A 02 Accelerating the Wildlife Management Area Program, Phase 5 Joe Pavelko Pheasants Forever $7,960,000
2(c)/P A 03 DNR Wildlife Management Area, Scientific & Natural Area, and Native Prairie Bank Easement Acquisition, Ph. V Patrick Rivers MN DNR $4,940,000
2(d)/P A 04 Minnesota Prairie Recovery Project, Phase 4 Neal Feeken The Nature Conservancy $5,310,000
2(e)/P A 05 Minnesota Buffers for Wildlife and Water, Phase 3 Tabor Hoek BWSR with Pheasants Forever $3,520,000
2(f)/P A 07 Cannon River Headwaters Habitat Complex, Phase 3 Becca Nash The Trust for Public Land $1,780,000
2(g)/P RE 01 Accelerated Prairie Restoration and Enhancement on DNR Lands Bill Penning MN DNR $2,220,000

Subd. 3 Forest
3(a)/F A 02 Young Forest Conservation George Fenwick American Bird Conservancy $1,180,000
3(b)/F A 03 The Camp Ripley Partnership, Phase 3 Helen McLennan Morrison SWCD $1,450,000
3(c)/F A 05 NE MN Sharp-tailed Grouse Habitat Partnerhip, Phase IV Joe Pavelko Pheasants Forever $1,180,000
3(d)/F A 06 Protect Key Forest Habitat Lands in Cass County, Phase 4 Joshua Stevenson Cass County $500,000
3(e)/H A 06 Critical Shoreland Habitat Protection Program: Phase 2 Kris Larson Minnesota Land Trust $820,000
3(f)/F RE 02 MN Moose Habitat Collaborative, Phase 2 Mark Johnson MN Deer Hunters Association $2,000,000

Subd. 4 Wetland
4(a)/W A 01 The RIM-WRP Partnership: Phase V Tim Koehler BWSR with Ducks Unlimited $13,390,000
4(b)/W A 02 Accelerating the Waterfowl Production Area Program, Phase 5 Joe Pavelko Pheasants Forever $6,830,000
4(c)/W A 03 Living Shallow Lake & Wetland Protection Program - Phase III Jon Schneider Ducks Unlimited $3,530,000
4(d)/W A 04 Wild Rice Shoreland Protection, Phase 2 Dan Steward MN BWSR $1,630,000
4(e)/W A 06 Wetland Habitat Protection Program Kris Larson Minnesota Land Trust $1,980,000
4(f)/W RE 01 Accelerated Wetland and Shallow Lake Enhancement, Phase 5 Ricky Lien MN DNR $1,790,000
4(g)/W RE 02 Pelican Lake Enhancement Ricky Lien MN DNR $2,000,000

Subd. 5 Habitat
5(a)/H A 01 DNR Aquatic Habitat Program, Phase 5 Michael Duval MN DNR $5,250,000
5(b)/H A 02 Habitat Protection in Dakota County, Phase 4 Alan Singer Dakota County $4,100,000
5(c)/H A 03 Root River Protection and Restoration Richard Biske The Nature Conservancy $2,750,000
5(d)/H A 04 Metro Big Rivers Habitat, Phase 4 Deborah Loon Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc. $1,720,000
5(e)/H A 05 Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Acquisition of Property Surrounding Lake Tamarack Peter Moe Minnesota Landscape Arboretum $1,000,000
5(f)/H RE 03 Lower Mississippi River Habitat Partnership, Phase 3 Jim Nissen U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service $1,710,000
5(g)/H RE 05 Minnesota Trout Unlimited Coldwater Fish Habitat Enhancement Program, Phase 5 John Lenczewski Minnesota Trout Unlimited $2,470,000
5(h)/W RE 03 Albert Lea Lake Management and Invasive Species Control Structure Andy Henschel Shell Rock River Watershed District $1,127,000
5(i)/O 1 Conservation Partners Legacy Grant Program, Phase 5 Pete Skwira MN DNR $3,860,000

Subd. 6 Administration
6(a)/O 2 Contract Management Amanda Graeber MN DNR $175,000
6(b) Legislative Coordinating Commission $936,000
6(c)/O 3 Technical Evaluation Panel, Phase 3 Wade Johnson MN DNR $45,000
6(d)/O 4 High-Priority Pre-Transaction Service Acceleration Susan Damon MN DNR $50,000