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FY2011 Presentation Questionnaire

The Council has prepared questions they would like each project to answer prior to presentations on December 8 and 9. Below are links to the completed questionnaires.

Proposal #

Proposal Title

Project Manager


$ Requested

1 (H)

550 Acre Land Acquisition along the Rum River and Cedar Creek in Anoka

John VonDeLinde

Anoka County Parks and Recreation

$ 1,900,000

2 (H)

Little Nokasippi River Wildlife Management Area

Dan Steward


$ 1,225,000

5 (H)

Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) Reserve - Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) Leveraging Project

Kevin J. Lines and Tim Koehler


$ 18,000,000

7 (H)

Washington County St. Croix River Land Protection

Jane Harper

Washington County

$ 4,000,000

8 (H)

Northern Tallgrass Prairie NWR Land Acquisition

Alice M. Hanley

US Fish and Wildlife Service

$ 3,500,000

9 (H)

The Green Corridor Legacy Program by Green Corridor Inc.

Bradley H. Cobb

Redwood Area Communities Foundation (RACF)

$ 4,165,835

10 (H)

Accelerating the Waterfowl Production Area Program in Minnesota: Protecting Our Investment.

Jim Leach


$ 6,865,000

14 (H)

Northeastern Minnesota Sharp-tailed Grouse Habitat

Ward Julien

MN Sharp-tailed Grouse Society

$ 3,759,400

15 (H)

RIM for Forest Habitat

Steve Hughes

SWCD District Manager

$ 3,300,000

17 (H)

Minnesota Prairie Recovery Project

Tom Landwehr

The Nature Conservancy

$ 6,286,298

18 (H)

Valley Creek Protection Partnership

Sarah Strommen

Minnesota Land Trust

$ 2,530,000

19 (H)

Critical Shoreline Habitat Protection Program

Kris William Larson

MN Land Trust

$ 1,200,000

20 (H)

Metro Big Rivers Habitat

Deborah Loon

MN National Wildlife Refuge Trust, Inc.

$ 4,490,733

22 (H)

Protect (Acquire) Key Industrial Forest Land Tracts in Central MN

Joshua Stevenson

Cass County

$ 1,000,000

23 (H)

Riparian and Lakeshore Protection, Restoration and Access in Dakota County

Alan Singer

Dakota County

$ 6,500,000

29 (H)

Restoring and Enhancing Wildlife Habitat on Key Public Lands Across the Anoka Sand Plain through Collaborative Partnerships

Wayne Ostlie

Great River Greening

$ 1,425,563

30 (H)

Accelerated Forest Wildlife Habitat Program

Cynthia Osmundson

DNR - Fish and Wildlife

$ 17,523,000

31 (H)

Accelerated Shallow Lakes and Wetlands Enhancement, Restoration, and Protection Partnership

Ray Norrgard and Jon Schneider

DNR - Fisheries & Wildlife and Ducks Unlimited

$ 7,841,000

32 (H)

Restoring Fish & Wildlife Populations in the Lower St. Louis River (Implementing the Remedial Action Plan) Knowlton Creek Fishery Restoration and Enhancement Project

John Lindgren

DNR - Duluth Area Fisheries

$ 2,971,000

33 (H)

DNR Aquatic Habitat Program

Michael Duval


$ 17,158,000

34 (H)

Accelerated Prairie Grassland Restoration and Enhancement Program on DNR lands and Roadsides

Bill Penning


$ 12,603,000

35 (H)

Lower Mississippi River Habitat Restoration Partnership

Tim Schlagenhaft


$ 5,528,000

36 (H)

Conservation Partners Legacy Grant Program

Leslie Tannahill


$ 4,580,000

37 (H)

Minnesota Trout Unlimited Coldwater Fish Habitat Restoration And Enhancement Program

John Lenczewski

Minnesota Council of Trout Unlimited

$ 1,397,000

38 (H)

Prairie Heritage Fund

Matt Holland

Pheasants Forever

$ 4,000,000

39 (H)

Porter Creek Conservation Area

Mark Themig

Scott County

$ 4,150,000

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